Public 1ARV Precognition Project  

The project consists of:

Public 1ARV Experiment

The basic 1ARV background, philosophy, and interpretation is discussed in detail at:
Understanding these details is not necessary to participate.  1ARV is designed to improve your communication skills with your subconscious mind.  Your sub knows J

This experiment is based on the idea that participants with a background in Remote Viewing (RVing) and with positive intentions concerning this experiment will provide statistically significant results.  This is a precognition experiment: we are predicting future sports-related outcomes using the 1ARV online protocol, described below.  We publicly publish the group/team predictions before the events occur; the link also includes all past results.

The protocol is quite simple for those familiar with RVing.  A PowerPoint presentation of 1ARV from a webinar is here.  A simple 1ARV worksheet is here.  The online protocol description follows, and it is actually simpler than it reads once you choose to participate and do it!  If not you, who!

Your RV Session tasking is simply: "Describe My Target."  The 1ARV potential target pool is the primary new unique feature of the 1ARV Protocol.  A Target can be either:

     1.  a specific PhotoSite Target, which is shown to you as a photograph during your FeedBack Session, or

           2.  a non-specific Open Target, which is chosen by your subconscious during your FeedBack Session.

The primary difference between an Open Target and a PhotoSite Target is who chooses the Target:

o   An Open Target is chosen by your subconscious mind in its own mysterious way J

o   A PhotoSite Target is chosen randomly from a "Target Pool" created by a PhotoSite Selection Team in its own somewhat less mysterious way J

If this interests you, please join us.

  1. Logon at:
                    username: 1ARV
                    password: 1ARV
  2. Click on "New Remote Viewing Session"
  3. Accept the defaulted radio button of "1ARV Group Event", note your tag/coordinate and click the next button
  4. Select one of the sporting options and click the Save button. {Currently, one event is being predicted at a time.}
  5. Do your RV Session - enjoy and entangle with your FB Session.  Record what your sub provides.
  6. Then return to the Links Page and Click on "Analyst/Judge Page" and enter/submit your coordinate, then you have a choice:
  7. After you submit your AJing, you can then use the Links Page to go to the "Admin: Predictions and Actualization/Outcome Page" to see yours and everyone's predictions and a summary.   We also send emails to the various RV lists with a Group Prediction about 1 hour before game time.
  8. After the game Outcome is known we will email all participants FeedBack: either a PhotoSite or a Thank You*.   (A link to FeedBack will also be available by clicking on "My Stats" from the Links Page and then clicking on your tag/coordinate.)
  9. Do your FB Session - enjoy and Entangle the Truth with your RV Session.

The summary data for previous predictions and the current open prediction are always at:


We give periodic free webinars and post them to the various RV lists.  These are scheduled to answer any questions and assist those interested in submitting predictions for the Public Precognition Project, P-Cubed.  (We have predictions scheduled for every Wednesday and Sunday).

We also organize workshops where a Team is formed that predicts 9 future events (sports and short-term financial events) that are actualized during the workshop.  This starts the important data collection process and can lead to the formation of long-term 1ARV Independent Teams. Details for the webinars and workshops.

Your Facilitators for this Public 1ARV Experiment are:

Marty Rosenblatt and Catherine Kendig


* The sports outcome predictions have two "sides" , one is the Actualized Side {winning wager Outcome if one were to wager} and the other is the Complementary or Open Side.  Those that are randomly placed in what turns out to be the Actualized Side get PhotoSite FeedBack.  Those that turn out to be on the Complementary Side basically receive an acknowledgment "Thank You";  they do not receive PhotoSite FeedBack and their subs are free to provide an Open FeedBack Session entangling with the 'earlier' RV session.  That's one very special aspect of 1ARVing.  The linear-time intellect has trouble with this, the sub loves it :-)